Europa is a modern cosmopolitan restaurant that serves a variety of mediterranean dishes. By 2015 however, their original brand positioning was lost in the eyes of the consumers because their offerings were vast and their specialities were not clear. The one thing for sure was that consumers enjoyed their pizza and pasta offerings.

We decided that Europa was in need of a new look menu to position them, to go hand in hand with their revised menu offerings. Based on what the consumers were saying, we chose to create a menu that exuded a mediterranean feel, with a slant towards Italian cooking. We decided that the food styling and general art direction would be warm and natural with the menu layout and wording centred around natural, warm and homely Italian cooking – in a modern way.
Along with the menu design; I was also tasked with rolling out the new look for posters, print ads, billboards and table talkers; as well art directing other designers on following the new look.
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