Smith&Nephew were looking to change their Advanced Wound Care packaging in an effort to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The Advanced Wound Care range is a premium range of plasters and dressings which have advanced healing technology to help wounds heal faster and prevent scarring. As a well-known international company there were many challenges in terms of pushing the boundaries with design, whilst adhering to their corporate identity.
 Everything from the organic shape of the packaging to the reflective nature of the cardboard, the hand sketched imagery and the use of tabs and colours, was carefully considered to be consumer centric and user friendly.

Organic hand drawn imagery was used to show an area on the body where each specific product could be used. This imagery implies human touch and was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, a man before his time. The psychology behind using the organic shapes is because people feel comfortable with shapes found in nature.

Different colours were used in a tasteful way, to show the product indications for ease of use. The colour combination at the top of the product is used as the product indentifier. This creative colour index system makes it easy to find what you need when the product hangs on-shelf.

The reflective inner card implies that this is a premium product with added value. When a consumer picks up the product it also reflects their own skin colour, thereby making the packaging inclusive of all race. A key finding was that consumers used the products to make wounds heal more quickly so that they weren't left with nasty scars, so the reflective mirror aspect also plays on this.
The end result is an innovative and modern design which is aesthetically pleasing as well as adaptable for use across the entire range. The futuristic look and organic shapes stand out very clearly amongst the competition.
I conceptualised and designed the new packaging look, created the illustrations which appear on each pack and edited the copy to be consumer friendly. I was also tasked with creating print adverts and point-of-sale material to promote the new look packaging.
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